BitWell Research – Industry News (09.17.2021)

1.Kusama’s 8th slot auction is officially in the candle phase, with the highest bidder currently being Basilisk the Snake Monster and reaching its crowdloan cap of 222,222 KSM.

2.The IMX Phase 2 airdrop snapshot at 11:59 pm UTC on 21 September.

3.The latest IDO on the XAVA platform opens for public rounds of registration on the 17th at 11:00 pm UTC.

4.Bybit launches Bybit Launchpad, a token distribution platform, with plans to go live with BIT tokens first.

5.Solana eco-stablecoin project Parrot raises $69.22 million in its first IDO round and will go live on and MEXC on September 18.

6.BrightID, the ethereum digital identity verification system, announced the issuance of token BRIGHT last night with a retroactive airdrop allocation of 6.85 million pieces and LP mining. More details:

7.An attack on the DONA auction on MISO, which has now lost over $3 million.

8.Cardano hints at relationships with several large partners, list to be announced at the summit.

9.Digital social platform Discord closes $500 million funding round at a $15 billion valuation.

10.Stablecoin protocol Terra launches Terra Bounties expansion plan to grow community power.

11.Cream Finance announced that C.R.E.A.M. went live with Arbitrum, an ethereum scaling solution.