BitWell Research – Industry News (09.25.2021)

1.Shiden’s first dex is now online, details:

2.The Kobe Bryant KB24 NFT team will release the KB24 NFT on 8 October.

3.DeFi data site DeBank has suspended its services in China, with Token exchange, agreement listings, leaderboards and other features on its page stating ‘Service is not available in the current region’.

4.HurricaneSwap, the first cross-chain liquidity DEX on Avalanche, will open IDO tomorrow at 14:00 UTC at 0.03 USDT, details:

5.Coinbase Exchange launches a price auction mechanism to enable price discovery.

6.Sky Mavis plans to upgrade the Axie Infinity game and will add a free starter version that will provide a way to experience the game before investing in it, with the proceeds earned from Axie’s game remaining reserved for players who purchase NFT.