BitWell Research – Industry News (10.29.2021)

  1. The launch of Beta testing of Polkadex, the ecological decentralized trading platform for Polka, of which PolkaIDO will be released on the main network within the fourth quarter after the end of testing.
  2. Decentralized design platform MoralisWeb3 secures $13.4 million in seed round funding, which the company hopes to use for product development and corporate expansion.
  3. XDEFI wallet opens whitelist campaign with verification at
  4. Coinlist is about to launch Guild of Guardians, a new chain game with Coinbase’s participation, and registration is already open. This game currently has over hundreds of thousands of registered players.
  5. Xdai double 11 is ready to launch EIP1559 to start the fee buybackstake destruction mode, while in q4 launched a rebranding plan, can the old junk l1 have a second life?
  6. The game cryptounicorns invested by Delphi Ventures will soon start the second round of whitelist activities, just join the discord chat for a few minutes to upgrade to go to extract whitelist, have whitelist can mint pets, see: for details.
  7. Subquery, a decentralized data indexing tool, will support the emv beta version of moonbeam and moonriver.
  8. Phala Network, a Web3 cloud computing platform, announces the launch of Fat Contract, a new smart contract product focused on serving Web3.0 back-end function-level services, with a V0 release scheduled to go live in December 2021.
  9. Parimutuel, the marketplace protocol for the decentralized derivatives liquidity protocol Hxro Network, goes live on Solona Devnet.