BitWell Research – Industry News (11.01.2021)

1.OasisNetwork announces YuzuSwap, the first DEX built on Oasis EVM, more details:

2.The purchase of 817.4 million SHIB by American rapper and comedian FunnyMike, SHIB is the WELLPOOL Phase 5 reward token, up 849.4% in the last 30 days and hitting a new all-time high on 28 October.

3.The release of COTI Network mainnet 2.0 on 11.2.

4.The proposal to register the Shell parallel chain on Polka was adopted by the Polka Council.

5.The release of the Halloween prop NFT by the game project Vidya, now available for free in the bottom right corner on the webpage.

6.The AR metaverse platform OVR launches the OVR Land Map, which allows users to create 3D maps of the real world and receive token rewards through AR scanning on their smartphones.

7.NFT social platform Monaco Planet closes a seed round of funding from Three Arrows Capital and IMO Ventures.

8.Burger King’s plan to partner with brokerage platform Robinhood to give away cryptocurrencies as prizes to its customers.

9.Automata Network, a cross-chain privacy middleware project, launches its main network with a $20 million ecosystem incentive program.

10.Alpha Homora V2 has surpassed $90 million in total lockup value on Avalanche.

11.Fantom will launch a CEX platform dedicated to Fantom eco-projects in Q4 2021.