BitWell Research – Industry News (11.02.2021)

1.The Dai direct deposit module of Aave is ready to be added to the Maker protocol.

2.A vote on Polka’s Proposal 42, with parallel chain registration and crowd-lending scheduled to open on 4 November.

3.Clover Finance, a cross-chain smart contract platform, to participate in Polka’s first round of parallel chain bidding.

4.Crust announced a bid for the Polka parallel slot auction.

5.Litentry to participate in Polka’s first slot auction, offering a 20 million LIT reward.

6.Polka DAO infrastructure SubDAO releases Starry Sky Program.

7.The current number of ENS unique registered addresses is around 150,000, with over 400,000 total domains created and the largest number of domains owned by one address with 1,065 domains.

8.Project SEED, the GameFi ecosystem, closed a $3.1 million private placement with Solana Capital and other participants.

9.Ribbon Finance launches Treasury business to provide volatility solutions for other DAOs with native tokens.

10.Binance labs announcing a strategic investment in the community-driven shark meta-universe Star Sharks.

11.NFT gaming company Sandbox closes $93 million funding round led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2. SAND has risen 400% since going live on BitWell.