BitWell Enters into a Strategic Partnership with Top Quantitative Platform FMZ (The Inventor)

We are pleased to announce that BitWell has now entered into a strategic partnership with FMZ (the inventor), the world’s renowned quantitative platform. FMZ will create exclusive quantitative trading strategies for BitWell, access easy-to-use API documentation and enhance BitWell’s high-frequency trading efficiency.

In this cooperation, BitWell will work with FMZ (the inventor) to create a more efficient quantitative platform and easier-to-use quantitative strategies, allowing users to trade quantitatively directly on BitWell with high efficiency and simplicity.

About FMZ (the inventor)

FMZ (the inventor) is currently the only quantitative platform supporting three major financial markets, and is also the most professional quantitative community in the market and a leading provider of forward-looking technology. Currently FMZ (the inventor) has entered into cooperation with several leading platforms, including BitMex, Binance, OKEX and others.