BitWell Institute – Galaxy Heroes Coin (GHC) Project Analysis

1. Short review of the Institute 

As the NFT market becomes more and more popular, more and more projects on the bsc chain are starting to sell their own pictures under the NFT banner. These new projects have no actual thinking about ecological planning and content creation, but only to absorb heat in the primary market. Dividends, and investors are dazzled, unable to discern the actual value of these projects. However, there are very few people who really do NFT platforms and have NFT ecological planning.

This status quo was shattered with the recent news of a project called Galaxy Heroes Coin on BSC. Since its release, GHC has gone the opposite way to most projects in the primary market. Just 18 days after its launch, more than a dozen centralized CEXs have been listed! Its popularity is evident!

The GHC project team stated that the goal of GHC is not to eat a wave of NFT dividends in the primary market, but to build its own IP+Swap+Pledge+NFT platform based on the primary market. The GHC project team believes that centralized exchanges are the real battlefield of NFT! GHC is bringing a superhero theme to their NFTs to earn money through gaming. GHC has a unique economic model to ensure the stability of players’ in-game earnings.

2. Introduction of the project

GHC is your gateway to a decentralized galaxy where holders can take leadership of their finances and earn sparkly rewards.

Galaxy Heroes (GHC) is a community driven token launched on the BSC network with a burning mechanism in place to decrease market supply over time as an essential part of $GHC’s economic model.

3. Token Role

Galaxy Heroes X (GHX) is our online RPG-style game currently in development where players collect NFTs in a sci-fi galaxy, compete player-to-player, search for rare items, and loot to earn the GHX utility/reward token. The game’s end goal is to defeat the final boss with a hoard of galactic gems. 

The game works with a dual native token system: $GHC acts as a governance token and $GHX as the in-game currency.

GHC was launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) because it is a high-throughput blockchain that supports smart contracts with low transaction fees while maintaining a secure, fast and scalable network.

GHX is the utility token for Galaxy Heroes. Coming soon on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. Trading can be done on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network via PancakeSwap. $GHX can be earned through staking tokens or through the Galaxy Heroes X earn-as-you-go game (in development).

4. Token Distribution

The total BGB supply is 7,000,00B.

  • Staking & Exchange Wallet: 23.20%
  • Burn Wallet: 6.50%
  • PancakeSwap: 28.00%
  • Private placement: 42.30%

5. Investment Institutions

Not disclosed

6. Basic Information

Token Name: GHC

Project website:

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